To Blog Or Not To Blog…

Fountain pen writing To Blog Or Not To Blog...Just about everyone has heard the term “blog” bantered about. That doesn’t mean you know what it is or how to use it to promote your business. So let’s take a look at blogs as a marketing tool.


“Blog” is short for “weblog” but if you say weblog you will sound like my mother sounds when she says “dungarees” instead of jeans – lovable, but out of date.

A blog is similar to an online journal that allows you to post your thoughts, share information and rant if you wish to.

Blogging as a Marketing Strategy

Blogging can be a very effective marketing tool when used properly. Marketing is all about building brand recognition and gaining trust.

Your blog can help you achieve these goals.

By providing updates on what your company is doing, you are establishing your “brand.” By educating readers about how you solve the problem of XYZ you are further defining your brand.

Your blog is a simple way of providing this information to your customers. By providing information that helps your customer feel comfortable with their buying decision, you are building trust.

Getting Started is great for novices or those who just want to get it started NOW. It’s a free service and very simple to work with.

WordPress is also a very popular interface for bloggers and is very simple to download and get started with. It also will allow you to import posts from your existing blogs. (You’re looking at a WordPress application now.)

Getting Found

To make the best use of your blog you should post regularly, at least once a week. To make your job easier, spread the wealth. Add additional authors to your blog who can also post. Then set up a schedule to avoid the ol’ “I thought YOU were doing it this week…”.

By posting regularly you are creating new content for your website which is great for both the search engines and the human beings you want to come back and visit your website.

Add your blog URL where ever you post your business information. All that great information will go to waste if no one finds it.

It won’t happen overnight. Nothing worthwhile ever does. But blogging can help you to build your brand and your business.

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